Flex and you’ll survive the storm.

I wrote this a while ago, after Hurricane Irene… I felt inspired by the young, fresh trees that survived and the older, harder trees that were uprooted. Strength is useless without flexiblity. Sometimes we build strength and try to prepare for any situation. But life is unpredictable, so we have to be ready to bend.




Let this be a reminder that we are hardly as in tune with our bodies as we would like to think we are.

We are not synced with nature.

Mother Nature needs no man.

We try to bully her.

We want to leave her with two black eyes, begging for a painless death.

We think we are the force of the Earth. The only.

We have arrogantly claimed this Earth as our own.

Mother Nature as an unwilling servant to man.

And even though we have abused and desecrated her, she lets us remain.

The truth is, we secretly tremble in Mother’s ominous shadows.

Inevitably, She crushes us.

We try to mirror Her intensity, Her form, Her courage.

Her brutal passion and commitment leave us weak and in awe.

Helpless but hopeful.

We panic in premature despair and anticipate an ironic destructive beauty.

We long for a softer mother to cradle us.

But Mother is fierce.

We imagine Her blood in our veins.

Feeling the heartbeat of the Earth beneath our toes.

Her sweat and tears flooding us with feelings of heaven and hell.

We can only attempt to emulate Her instinctive perfection.

Perfection through flaws and conflict and err.

But She thrives and we fail and we must learn from Her.

It is not only imperative for our survival but for our success.

For our future.

We must take Her message into our bones.

Pure strength as a victor, as an undefeatable foe?


Stiff thin bones would snap and crush under our forlorn awkward weight.

Flexibility is key!

Soft, strong, pliable.

Like Mother.

We must learn to bend and curve and sway with the everchanging winds.

Winds of hurricane strength.

We must learn to look at the contrary point of view for guidance, and for completion of truth.

We cannot rely only on what is known to us as fact.

We must flex.

We must trust Mother.

Only the sturdiest trees with shallow roots and little room for breathing will snap under terrible pressure.

Too steadfast in your ways and you will uproot and break someday too.

Flex and you’ll breathe free.

Flex and you’ll survive the storm.

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