Before and After Photos


The main difference to see in my photos from when I was fat(ter) and my photos from now is that I no longer feel the need to use special angles, Photoshop, or color changes to make myself look better, and I am now comfortable in my own skin. I was a bit crazy and colorful before, trying to distract maybe from my size and taking on a ‘character.’ I also never used to wear a big smile, and now love smiling for photos.


Fluctuating between 235 and 265 pounds before the age of 20.


Some mid-progress photos…

Somewhere between 210-230 pounds, ages 21-22

Closer to my current weight 185-200 pounds, age 23

10 Comments on “Before and After Photos”

  1. What a great accomplishment!! You have come full circle from beauty back to beauty.

  2. Looks like you are taking care of yourself. Nourishing yourself with food and big smiles. Thanks for following I look forward to exploring your blog, too!

  3. When I put on a lot of weight in college (which I’m still carrying around with me…) I developed a ton of stretch marks. Even if I lose weight, they’ll still be there, and that makes me so disappointed in myself. Has this ever been an issue for you, and if so, how did you cope? I want to love my body again, inside and out.

    • Hmm.. to be honest, I haven’t ever given a second thought to stretch marks. I was very heavy from a very early age, so I’ve always had them, and they are just a part of my skin. I understand it may be something to be self-conscious about, but you should consider that beauty really does come from within. When you lose weight, do things like carry around a backpack with weights that equal what you’ve lost. The powerful impact of that feeling will make you realize that the stretchmarks are just a part of your story. Exercise and regular moisturizing will make the skin look tighter and healthier, and while it won’t rid stretchmarks, healthy skin in general tends to make them at least look a little less bold. Good luck to you!

  4. Beautiful transformation lady! You’re my inspiration 🙂

  5. Jasmin Penninger says:

    thanks for sharing!

  6. Afronique says:

    Awesome. Congrats on your journey.

  7. You are so freakin’ awesome. What a journey. Congratulations on your success. Healthy Journey!

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