No microwave = better food habits?

Just an observation about microwaves.

They are mostly used for unhealthy, overprocessed convenience foods.

And since we’ve moved on October 1, we have not had a microwave!

A kitchen without a microwave becomes a different experience. Food can no longer be as quick and processed and just ‘ready to eat and heat.’ What’s really in that food anyway? How can food come from a box and be ready in ninety seconds? It seems weirder and weirder to me as time goes on. The weirdest part is that, growing up, everything we had came from a box or a can or a package. Now, it couldn’t be the opposite!

My food choices have changed since there’s been no microwave. Most of the time lately, I have been choosing meals that can be made in one pan or one pot and will last a while. (Chili, lasagna, enchiladas, pasta and veggies.) Then I have leftovers! And the beautiful part about leftovers without a microwave is that you’re forced to reheat it ‘properly’ in the oven and not with a quick burst of radiation. The food comes out tasting freshly made EVERY TIME. It’s unbelievable. There’s no soggy or dried out or partially frozen or burnt edges. It’s just delicious home cooked food.

That’s been my M.O. lately. Big one pot meals that I can eat leftovers for a couple days and then freeze the leftover leftovers in individual serving size containers. I’m building up a complete menu of foods in my freezer, which will be great for busy or lazy days. Just throw it in some Pyrex and reheat for a wholesome tastes-like-its-fresh-from-the-oven-and-it-actually-really-is meal. 🙂

“Cheesy” pasta with vegan sausage and broccoli

Whole wheat pasta with apple sage Field Roast sausage, broccoli, and a cheese sauce made from Daiya mozzarella, Earth Balance, and almond milk (unsweetened.)

Lately, I’ve just been making big one pot meals with a big serving of whole grains and green vegetables and also some kind of protein (beans, or in this case, the vegan sausage, which is soy-free, but based off of apples, potatoes, and grains.) I made a chili, lasagna, veggie enchiladas, that kind of stuff.

This meal wasn’t particularly as healthy as I would have liked. The sausage is delicious, but high in fat and pretty oily. As are the Earth Balance and Daiya cheese too. But I was just feeling a treat. Next time, I would remake this with cherry tomatoes, broccoli, and balsamic marinated mushrooms. Then I would make a thick cashew based cream sauce to go on top. Yumm… I kind of wish I had thought of that instead…