Juice feast day 7: breaking the fast, recap, and what’s next

Day 7 of my juice fast saw me still at 192 pounds, down 8 pounds from the beginning. Like I mentioned in my Day 6 post, I was feeling like today might be the day that I started to incorporate solid foods back into my diet. I really want to get back at the gym and get a lot more exercise into my routine starting Monday, and for me, this isn’t accomplishable on a juice fast. The energy isn’t there to raise your heart rate and sweat off fat. And if you do try to exercise on a juice fast, fat can be very difficult to burn because our bodies start to panic that not only is fat and protein intake gone (due to juicing), but now you’re energy output is increased as well. So our bodies hold on to fat as dearly as it can. It’s what our bodies are trained to do.

I also believe that with any change in our diets or lifestyles, we should listen to how our body responds. At first, I could feel my body working like a Hazmat team, clearing out toxins and literally flushing out and healing an overworked digestive system. As someone who normally maintains a pretty clean low-oil vegan diet, does not smoke cigarettes, and has significantly cut back on caffeine and alcohol, the process of detoxing was able to cycle through in those 5-6 days. I felt a boost in motivation, energy, mental clarity, and a cleanse of my cravings. But then I started to feel fatigue as I tried to increase my energy level to match what I was feeling like I could and wanted to accomplish. So I listened to my body, and decided it was time to break the fast gently.

If you decide to break a juice fast early, make sure to remember a few things. Don’t break the fast because you were running late for work and a coffee and donut sounded more tasty than your morning juice! Don’t break the fast because you got invited out to dinner and that was easier than juice! Don’t break the fast because you can’t pay for your gasoline without grabbing a chocolate bar or potato chips. Break the fast with healthy, whole raw foods when your cravings are FOR healthy, whole raw foods. When you can think about eating a huge salad and your mouth drools. That’s a good sign! That shows us that we’ve gotten past the point of needing that processed food fix. And after the juice fast, remember to continue incorporating fresh juice into your diet on a daily basis whenever possible to maximize nutrient intake and healing potential.

When you’re trying to lose fat and gain muscle, a juice fast is a great way to start. I learned when watching “Hungry for Change” that our bodies have difficulty losing fat when we are toxic, because the toxins would then be released into our body making us feel worse unless we’re doing something to detox as well. A juice fast can be the right way to get started on a healthy lifestyle as it helps us release both toxins which make us physically dependent on unhealthy foods but emotions and cravings that go along with this processed food, chemically-laden lifestyle as well. And now that the juice fast has served its purpose, I’m ready to move onto the next phase of clean eating and an increase in healthy exercise to burn fat and gain muscle! My body wants to move!



Day 7 started with a juice made from bokchoy, celery, asparagus, radish, zucchini, pear, kiwi, and apple. I then speed walked 3 miles to my boyfriend’s house to meet up with him to see “Hunger Games” – which I really liked by the way.


My first solid meal in a week! We went to a local restaurant, The Garden Grille in Pawtucket. I got the Reggie’s Raw Heaven salad, which was arugula, avocado, mango, beet-infused jicama, and ground cashews. I think there was some kind of oil on the salad, but it was fairly light regardless. Every bite of this salad was freaking amazing, but particularly the avocado and mango were incredibly bright and full of flavor. I also had a nice hot cup of green tea, which was to die for. I struggled back and forth between getting a regular meal and something raw, but was happy I made the right decision. The salad was huge, I even had leftovers to take home.

For dinner, we had brown rice sushi with cucumber and avocado, I had about 5 pieces I think. I also had 2 squares of Raw Matcha Green Tea and Peppermint Chocolate from Fearless Chocolate. I think it was the perfect ease back into eating…

Except for the gin drinks! Haha. We hung out with a friend we hadn’t seen in a while and wanted to show him the cool Hurom Slow Juicer. We did up some honey dew melon and fennel and mixed it with some gin. Look how pretty in these glasses! I only had maybe 3 drinks over a couple hours and remembered to drink plenty of water to help flush it out. I will admit that I wish I had waited a few days to have alcohol, not a great idea the first day breaking a fast. But we can’t be perfect all the time! 😉


So Friday, I had whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, and a juice. For physical activity, I got in a 3 mile walk and probably about an hour total of stretching/light yoga. I did the 10 minute segment for thighs on Target Toning on Netflix Watch Instantly, I’m trying to build up to do the whole video 3x a week. I’ve been having a significant amount of numbness and nerve spasms in my right thigh though, and have felt it’s been bothering me more since I’ve increased my walking so much. I’m just concentrating on hip openers and lower back stretches to try and release it through there. Maybe its a pinched nerve.

Today I ordered in brown rice noodle bee bong. I had some chickpeas earlier too. For exercise, I did 7 hours of heavy duty housecleaning! I know, crazy right?? I started by emptying all my kitchen cabinets (well I have a few more to do) and cleaning them inside and out. Then I did all the window frames and inside windows. Then I moved all the furniture out to clean and mop every corner of both the front parlor and regular living room. On average, the consensus is that cleaning burns about 150-250 calories an hours, so it was a good day for slow steady calorie burning! Tonight I remembered just in time to watch “Hungry for Change” before the free online premiere ended tonight at midnight. It was a great introductory film to health and wellness through nutrition and I think it has a lot of accessible information. It makes it seem like a nobrainer! I learned a few things too. I liked their comparison of white sugar and white flour to cocaine – ha. Pretty clever. When they started talking about juicing, I realized I hadn’t had a juice today! GAH! what was I thinking. I had to pause the movie to go make one quick. I threw one together with red cabbage, celery, parsley, carrot, pear, and lemon.


I am going to turn Sunday into my juice day of the week and will be juicing entirely to begin the week off right. A lot of people think to gorge Friday-Sunday and then try to start Monday off restrictive. However, if our stomachs are stretched and overworked from eating heavy meals and processed foods, it won’t be as easy to turn that off cold turkey. So, I will give myself Friday and Saturday nights as leniency nights (note I say ‘lenient’ and not ‘cheat’). I won’t go completely crazy but I may have a couple drinks or go out to eat. Then Sunday reboots to get back on track first thing Monday morning. Tomorrow I am going to attempt to use ZERO fruits, carrots, or beets in my juice and turn it into an entirely GREEN juice day.

Then on Monday, I officially get started on my journey to (attempt to) write a cookbook, “Sprout Out Loud!” It’s going to be all about sprouted foods, including how-to’s, nutritional info, and duh – lots of delicious recipes. The first stage is going to involve a lot of research and recipe testing, and I’ll be blogging the whole way. It should be fun!

Now off to do some relaxing yoga before bed…